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Top Recommended Brokers

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InstaForex up to $1,000 $1 yesreview
AvaTrade100% $100 yesreview
eToro up to $1,000 $50 yesreview
FXCM- $25 yesreview
Alparin/a $100 yesreview
LiteForex 30% $1 yesreview
Plus500 *risk involved30% $100 yesreview
3TGBrokers- $100 yesreview



For Beginners

  • ROC Rate of Change Indicator
    Definition of ROC Let’s take a look at a technical indicator used in forex to find out the change in the current price and the price data in the last. Rate of change, or shortly ROC, is a momentum indicator...
  • Lesson 8: Trading Styles
    Forex trading brings together a crowd of completely different people – diverse professional background, unique personalities, unlike financial and marital status, location, gender, age, political and...
  • Bollinger Bands™ Indicators
    Bollinger Bands™are very popular technical indicators among forex traders. The man responsible for the idea is John Bollinger – he created this technical trading tool in early 1980s. The primary...
  • MACD Indicator
    There are 3 essential parameters that make MACD chart work: number of periods that shows faster moving average. number of periods that shows slower moving average. number of bars that shows the...
  • Parabolic SAR Indicator
    Parabolic SAR was developed by J Welles Wilder in 1976 and is a useful trend indicator in technical analysis. While most of indicators show us the beginning of a new trend, parabolic SAR points to the...