TraderXP Review

TraderXP was launched in 2008 and is the most professional and objective binary options broker. The platform is completely web based, so nothing needs to be downloaded, you will never need any software updates and traders can use the site from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, it's offered in a number of different languages for international use, including Russian, French and Arabic, in addition to English.

It is straightforward and easy to navigate, especially as the site offers two different viewing options to choose from, depending on what format you like best and what information you prefer to have most prominently displayed. The site has a ton of information, but it's divided up into well organized tabs that offer intuitive orientation within the site.

Minimum deposit requirement is USD200 or EUR200, depending on the currency of choice in your account. Payment methods include Credit Cards and Wire Transfer.

This is especially true for the very comprehensive FAQ section which complements the other informational material. The site provides detailed tutorials for use of the platform and some of the basics of binary options for new-comers to the trading scene. Each asset is presented with some basic background information and helpful explanations about how trading works for that type of asset specifically.


As one of the veteran trading sites TraderXP has compiled a very extensive list of assets, including over fifty currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices from all the major global markets. This gives a big advantage, since it allows trading twenty-four hours a day since the assets are spread over markets in various time-zones.

In addition to classic binary options, TraderXP has a One Touch Option, which allows traders to be active on weekends when all markets are closed. It also allows for a much higher ROI of up to 500%. The most recent addition is the Option Builder, which allows experienced traders more flexibility in setting up their investments.

They offer up to 75% profit on most trades, but what is more unique is that they also give 5-10% for options that expire out of the money.In most cases the risk factor for a given asset is clearly labeled and the Option Builder actually allows traders to choose the risk vs. profit levels at which they want to make a given trade.

TraderXP also provides a couple of interesting features that work within the different types of trades they offer. Double Up allows you to add money you have on a position close to the expiry time if you see that you are likely to end up in the money. The flip side of that is the Rollover feature which allows you to postpone the expiry of your option to the next available expiry time.

TraderXP's best feature however, is their support staff. The analysts provide daily and weekly market reviews and data to keep traders informed on upcoming events that could impact the financial markets. They have dedicated account managers who can be reached by phone, e-mail or the site's live-chat feature which is available twenty-four hours a day. 

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